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Bleau said Sullivan Lake gets to about 90-feet deep in some parts, and the area it was found in is about 50-feet deep. The length of the Large Gnawtler elk antler is 6-7". See more ideas about elk antlers, elk, animals wild. The large natural dog bones is a good choice for dog toys for aggressive chewers for the large guys that need something to gnaw on besides your furniture, shoes or house. Deluxe Naturals Elk Antlers for Dogs, Grade A Premium Naturally Shed Elk Antlers for Dogs, Product of USA, 6-Pack Medium Split Deluxe Naturals Elk antlers for dogs : If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, just contact Deluxe Naturals, we will happy to offer a free replacement. Elk antlers are wide and require a lot of room to move around, searching for sheds in congested areas where elk are naturally funneled can be productive. Antlers are a low-mess and odor-free chew, sized in accordance to the size of your dog. ALL ANTLER ORDERS WILL SHIP IMMEDIATELY VIA by United Parcel Service (UPS) without further contact. Antlers are the best all-natural, long-lasting dog chew. The Bleau family moved to a house on Sullivan Lake in March. Welcome to Antler-ChewUSA, a unit of, America's largest & FREE Shipping Made in USA—Cast Horn Designs® is the Original Manufacturer. We always have someone available to answer your questions for 10 hours a day, every day of the week. We are located in Rio Grande County of south central Colorado April 2012 The season has passed for the Elk to shed their antlers giving way to the new growth. MAXIM Magazine's USA TOP TEN. Premium grade, long lasting elk antlers for dogs. A Michigan elk expert says the animals haven’t roamed that area since the late 1800s. We sell our antlers online and have expanded to small pet boutiques and other quality stores. Pair this Elk Faux Antler with any of our Elk Antler Chandeliers to tie in the scheme! You are not a fool. “They were certainly present in the Thumb area or near Fenton where this animal was found,” he said. The length of the Medium Gnawtler elk antler is 4.5-5". Further, we lliterally are elk farmers sustainably havesting meat and antler from our animals as well as from hundreds of other elk farms scattered around the central USA. The most common elk shed antlers material is stone. That is our guarantee to you! Though it’s unclear how long it’s been there, Mastenbrook said the preservation of the skull depends on the nutrient-level and acidity of the lake. ATTENTION: HOURS FOR CALL-IN ORDERS:, | Site we use both farm-raised animal antlers, as well as collecting a myriad of wild antler drops from whitetail, mule deer and fallow deer. Antlers are made of bone which can grow at a rate of 2.5 centimeters (0.98 in) per day. Well, Grande Natural Antler Company is located right at the dog antler source of North American Wild Elk breeding grounds stretching north and south along the Rocky Mountain Range. Elk Sheds (when their antlers fall off starting around March through April). antler and gourmet meats since 1994. Elk Antler Growth Process and Uses. RAWHIDE FREE DOG BONES – Best Alternative to Chemically Made Rawhide Sticks and Chews. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/21). How can ANTLER DOG CHEWS help keep your pet age-healthy? This 100% natural antler is ideal for small to medium aggressive chewers because it's long-lasting and won’t splinter or chip. We thrive in these mountains and are happy to share our industry's antler chews and prime venison cuts with you. We have been doing dog antler chews since 2005 and have led the pack in placeing antler dog chews on the Net and creating new antler products and supplying items wholesale to vendors all across the country. Horns—found on pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and bison—are a two-part structure. GoGo® USA All Natural Elk Antlers GoGo Elk Antler chews for dogs make the perfect long lasting dog chew Grade-A Elk antlers leave no mess and no odor Each Antler provides a natural source of calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine and chondroitin & other vitamins and minerals GoGo® Elk Antlers contain highly nutritious, yummy marrow that dogs […] “It’s a big, huge, monstrous thing – what else is out there?”, The elk skull discovered in Fenton is 43-inches wide, 50-inches tall and 24-inches deep.Photo Courtesy of Michael Bleau. Our local Wolf Creek ski area has the most snow of any Colorado ski resort and is only 20 miles as the crow flies. It’s about 20 miles south of Flint, in Livingston County. DIRECT FROM THE SOURCE ! The first weekend of Scarecrow Fest is Dogs Weekend, with the Rock N Roll K-9 performance team putting on a total of 6 shows — 3 shows on Saturday and 3 shows on Sunday – … Elk are large animals native to North America, and their long, straight antlers are brownish-red in color. Can be used anywhere to add that simple rustic decor or even modern decor if you get a White Antler! The age of the skull discovered by Bleau, his son Josh and Patterson on July 3 is unknown. Map | Contact Us |  (Back to You be the judge, get MORE for LESS by using ElkUSA dog antler chews. Pacific Time. Elk … WELCOME to ELKUSA Antler Chews with FREE SHIPPING, your bargain source of Quality Antler Dog Chews. So try our dog chew antler and please rest assured you have found the best and cheapest antler for dogs on the net. Heck, wild antlers can be found virtually within sight of the ElkUSA ranch! We are an East Coast company, based out of New Jersey. The length of the Small Gnawtler elk antler is 4". Is Your Best Choice For Premium Quality Naturally Shed Moose, Elk and Deer Antler Dog Chews throughout the United States. An elk skull with its antlers intact was hauled out from the bottom of a Fenton lake by residents Michael Bleau, Josh Bleau and Bailey Patterson … FREE SHIPPING on Retail Chew orders of over $75.00. “There’s a lot of little detailed bones that look very fragile that you’d think would have been broken off, but they’re still there,” Bleau said. We have no "FREE SHIPPING" here at ElkUSA. FROZEN ELK ANTLER TOPS Antler TOPS ONLY, the top 50% of the Antler above the 2nd tine, SOLD BY THE POUND, 2 lb minimum. ELK ANTLER CHEWS and WHY DOGS and their OWNERS LOVE THEM. For comparison, the massive elk antlers she found in a Michigan lake earlier this lake both reach her chin. JUST COMPARE TO PETCO, PETSMART, EVERYWHERE, ET AL. Description Bones & Chews Made in USA Elk Antler Burr Dog Chew are sure to keep your chewer coming back for more. And don't forget, the best (and some of the scariest) 4-wheet drive roads in America are right on our back door. We source our antlers and meat animals from literally dozens of states, from He said he plans to hand it over to a collector or someone who will make good use of it. Hand Cut, Visually Inspected and Manually Packaged. Our ranch store has all the meat and antler chew products found on our website at similar prices. Naturally shed antlers from roaming elk and deer are simply collected, thoroughly cleaned, and cut to a premium size. They've also moved up near the Royston area north of Hillman. USA ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS LARGE is sized for Dogs 40lbs+, such as a Labradors, German Shepherds, and Boxers. USA ELK ANTLERS FOR DOGS SMALL is sized for Dogs 5-20lbs, such as a Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshunds, and Shih Tzus. REAL ANTLER CHEWS FOR DOGS - Made from 100% Natural USA Elk Antlers. “We’re all kind of shocked,” Michael Bleau said. Antlers are an annually renewable animal cartledge and bone tissue only generated by members of the DEER family. Travel at your own risk! Searching area's State Lands north and northwest of downtown Atlanta is a good chance for finding these treasures. This 100% natural treat is part of a hard antler that has been split to expose the bone marrow in the antler’s center. LESSER orders will receive guarenteed UPS flat rate shipping and handling for $9.95 PER BOX to street addresses only. Antlers are not horns. Elk and mule deer, together with coyote and fox are our most The small natural dog bones is a good choice for dog toys for aggressive chewers for the little guys that need something to gnaw on besides your furniture, shoes or house. abundant wild species, some moose, bears and mountain lions occasionally show up. This 100% natural antler is low odor and non-allergenic and provides a source of calcium, phosphorous and other beneficial nutrients. - Dawg-EEZ(TM)& Dawg Gone Wild(TM), Dawg Gnaws(TM) individually labeled antler chews, Moose Munchy Gnaws(TM) individually labeled moose antler chews, Dog Foods - As you may have observed, Our dog antler product collection is second to none. Unfortunately, due to onerous Federal regulations and overbearing paperwork requirements we are unable to supply antler products internationally, however ALL 50 states can get antler chew service quickly and easily via the US Postal Service and/or United Parcel Service (UPS) and at quite reasonable rates. Collected from the USA Our antlers are specially selected Grade A premium raw elk antler and deer antler from the rocky mountain & heartland regions of the USA for their weight, density, color, & shape. Though Mastenbrook confirmed the Bleau’s find is an elk skull, it is unclear if it’s an Eastern elk or a Rocky Mountain elk. We While actively growing, the antlers are covered with and protected by a soft layer of highly vascularised skin known as velvet. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Venison and deer product retailer. Everyone knows that shipping by the Post Office or UPS is NOT FREE, somebody pays for it .....and its usually YOU with a higher antler cost per pound or a higher per antler chew piece price. GOAT, Buffalo Jerky  THIS is an active dog's paradise! DOG's Breakfast(TM), Dog's Lunch(TM), BONE DAWGLES(TM) packaged ~1 lb smoked bones. Premium elk antler chews (like the ones reviewed in this article), come from wild elk living in the United States. We guarentee this will keep your doggy happy on a much smaller dog chew budget. There are 903 elk shed antlers for sale on Etsy, and they cost $47.27 on average. “It’s just a really odd experience.”, U-M researchers help to find answers after girl discovers 300-year-old elk skeleton in Northern Michigan. Poundage shipped will vary depending upon the antler stick. What they expected to be tree roots or a log ended up being an elk skull complete with a large set of antlers. For antlers, Ranging in size from about 2.5 feet to 5 feet long, elk antlers are a beautiful material for large chandeliers. Generally, only males (bulls and bucks) grow antlers every year, however Caribou (Arctic deer) females also carry antlers As a major national supplier of deer meats, Grande Natural knows deer.

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